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From the Editor
Extreme adj. — of a character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average.

Be it weather or sports, life in Sun Valley is often extreme. In this issue of the Sun Valley Guide we seek out those who take the extreme further. Sometimes it is about taming it, but more often it’s about surrendering to it.

From skiers and snowmobiliers doing battle over the wildest wide-open spaces surrounding us (Peace in the Backcountry, page 10), to ski-mountaineers taking on slopes even mountain goats fear (Masters of the Steep, page 14), the people of our valley are anything but average.

And while these adventurous spirits are tucked up warmly in their beds by nightfall, there’s a breed apart in the valley to our north. Stanley is a town where the pioneering spirits who have inhabited it during the past century withstand consistent temperatures of 35 below—sometimes without electricity. Having briefly been a winter resident there, I can attest to this locals’ refrain: “There’s no place like Stanley, in temperatures or views or lack of income.” Discover The Spirit of Stanley, page 18.

Back to this valley, change is brewing at Sun Valley Resort. Van Gordon Sauter talks to the new general manager, Tim Silva, about his plans for the future of our mountain.

Whatever your extreme, be inspired by these stories of your friends and neighbors—remember, just by being here we are fully removed from the ordinary.


—Jennifer Tuohy, Editor-in-Chief


Karen Day (The Spirit of Stanley) is a perversely lucky woman and journalist. As a humanitarian journalist, she has a nasty habit of visiting exotic locales that will never host a Club Med. Afghanistan, Cuba, Myanmar, pre-war Iraq and pre-Madonna Malawi have offered her excellent scenery and fabulous opportunities to write for MORE magazine, O, Natural Health, LA Times, Her exclusive segments from Baghdad and Rangoon have been featured on NBC Nightly News. She is the co-writer of the recently published book, SEAL The Unknown Sacrifice. Her co-produced documentary, Ethics For The New Millennium, was offered at the Spiritual Film Festival. Locally, she is a producer and on-camera host for Plum TV. Her non-existent free time is spent in Stanley, fishing with her three-year-old son on The River of No Return.

Dick Dorworth (The Knee, The Ski and Thee), pictured with granddaughter Grace, has lived, worked, skied, climbed and driven through many nights in Europe, Asia, Alaska and South America. His work has appeared in many publications and his book Night Driving was published by First Ascent Press in 2007. A registered Democrat, Dorworth thinks his party needs more calcium in its diet. He is also a member of the Sierra Club, but thinks Deep Ecology is closer to the mark. Today Dorworth writes, skis and climbs from Ketchum, Idaho, where he is a reporter and columnist for the Idaho Mountain Express.Greg Moore (Masters of the Steep)

Jason D.B. Kauffman (Peace in the Backcountry) is a northern Rockies-based freelance writer and photographer. Formerly a full-time staff writer at the Idaho Mountain Express newspaper, Jason recently moved to Missoula, Mont., to pursue graduate studies in environmental journalism. He is drawn to topics that define the West he loves, including endangered wildlife, wilderness conservation, green living and outdoor adventure. Jason and his wife, Elizabeth Belts Kauffman, a photographer, also share a love of travel. Recent destinations have included Italy, Argentina and Chile.

Pat Murphy (Last Lick) is the former editorial page editor and publisher of The Arizona Republic. Prior to that, he was a news executive with The Miami Herald. Murphy is "retired" in Ketchum and working as a freelance writer and columnist for the Idaho Mountain Express.

Paulette Phlipot (Last Lick) is an award-winning food, travel & lifestyle photographer based in Sun Valley, Idaho. Her specialty is telling the story of a place through her images of food and the elements that surround it. A graduate of the Western Academy of Photography, in Victoria, B.C. Canada, she has earned four of the Academy's most prestigious awards for her still life photography. Paulette was most recently awarded the "Best of Show" award at the annual IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) 2008 conference in New Orleans. When not photographing the flavors and essence of a place for editorial and commercial clients, Paulette is in the mountains hiking, biking, or skiing or relaxing at home enjoying healthy food with family and friends.

Van Gordon Sauter (The Man Behind The Mountain, An Idaho Bookshelf) was the least successful anchorman in the history of commercial broadcasting. His ratings for the early news in Chicago were so abysmal, the company sent him to France to run the CBS News Paris Bureau, a decidedly off-air position. He later became the executive vice president of the CBS Broadcast Group. He lives in Gimlet.

Kirsten Shultz (The Man Behind The Mountain) is an international award-winning editorial and wedding photographer. She has spent the past 15 years in the valley, professionally photographing what she considers the best assignment of all—life! She has worked on five cookbooks and her images have appeared in American Theater, Food & Wine, Entertainment Weekly, People and The New York Times. She lives in Bellevue with her husband, daughter and dog and feels lucky to live in a valley where great food, arts and culture are as accessible as the great outdoors.