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publisher Pam Morris

editor-in-chief Jennifer Tuohy

art production manager Tony Barriatua

ad production Kristen Kaiser, Erik Elison

web site design Chris Seldon

copy editor Barbara Perkins, Greg Moore

contributing writers Dale Bates, Dana DuGan,
Tony Evans, Sarah Latham, Katherine Wutz

chief photographer David N. Seelig

contributing photographers Dev Khalsa, Paulette Phlipot

business manager Connie Johnson

marketing/sales director Ben Varner

senior account executive William Pattnosh

account executives Rick Greener, Gayle Kerr,
Irene Robinson, Jerry Seiffert


Western Publications Association
Best Semi-Annual/3-Time Consumer Magazine-Finalist 2010
Best News Story/Consumer Magazine-Finalist 2009

Western Publications Association
Best 3-Time Consumer Magazine—Winner 2011
Best 3-Time Consumer Magazine—Finalist 2010
Best News Story/Consumer Magazine—Finalist 2009

Idaho Press Club Awards 2010
1st place, General Excellence: Winter 2010/11
1st place, Serious Feature: Jason D.B. Kauffman
1st place, Light Feature: Trevon Milliard
1st place, Light Feature: Van Gordon Sauter & Jennifer Tuohy
1st place, Magazine Column: Van Gordon Sauter
1st place, Magazine Cover: Tony Barriatua
1st place, Web Site: Colin McCauley

Idaho Press Club Awards, 2009
1st place, General Excellence
1st place, Web Site General Excellence 
1st place, Magazine Cover 
1st, 2nd & 3rd place, Light Feature
1st, 2nd & 3rd place, Magazine Column
3rd place, Serious Feature

Idaho Press Club Awards, 2008
1st place, General Excellence
1st place, Web Site General Excellence 
1st, 2nd & 3rd place, Serious Feature
2nd place, Light Feature

Idaho Press Club Awards, 2007
1st place, General Excellence
1st place, Web Site General Excellence
1st & 2nd place, Serious Feature
1st & 2nd place, Light Feature


The Sun Valley Guide magazine is published quarterly by Express Publishing Inc., P.O. Box 1013, Ketchum, ID 83340.
For advertising and content information or to request copies of the magazine, call (208) 726-8060 or e-mail