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The Sun Valley Guide magazine is distributed free three times a year to residents and guests throughout the Sun Valley, Idaho resort area communities.

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Winter 2007
about us

from the editor

A world of white is a challenging landscape for an English girl.Having grown up in the damp, 49-feet-above-sea-level climate of London, I have found the transition to life in Idaho’s mountains an exciting, sometimes terrifying one. From grappling with maneuvering a car in two feet of snow to my first alpine skiing experience (sent down Baldy on a pair of $10 yard-sale planks), it has not been an entirely graceful adjustment. But adjusting I am, and recently discovering the joys of snowshoeing has helped rein in my fast-blossoming fear of the white stuff. There are few things as exhilarating to this city girl as creating my own path, albeit deep-footed and horizontal, through a field of pristine powder.

Within this issue of the Sun Valley Guide, the words “creating my own path” resound with meaning. Challenges abound in our isolated community and, only sometimes by design, the stories in this issue reflect how we have all created our own path through them. These range from the experiences of early flatlanders, such as Betty Bell—who digs up memories of Sun Valley Resort’s early days in Seventy Years of Sun, Snow and Stories—to Greg Stahl’s investigative piece addressing the trials and tribulations valley residents face today in this increasingly out-of-reach real estate market. But what emerges at the end, is that beyond the perceived hardships, this is a magical place to live. And we need to remind ourselves of that from time to time, perhaps with a walk through the pristine, white landscape that surrounds us.

This magazine also serves as a reminder. Overflowing with celebrations of and tales about our community, the Sun Valley Guide is your guide to life in the valley. Meet the family whose 50-year mission has been to feed you. Learn how to telemark in tandem down Baldy. Enjoy the company of one of the valley’s best-kept celebrity secrets. And, as always, remember this is your magazine, and that we welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Have a great winter.

— Jennifer Tuohy, Editor



Betty Bell—Among the topics Betty is never asked to write about are art, music, entertainment, business, elections, matters of the school, immigration and any how-to kitchen thing. She enjoys writing about sports, and during the first hundred of her three hundred years in the Wood River Valley she did some of that. Though her grasp of sports has become ever more sketchy, she is particularly well suited to write about the good old days.

Ed Cannady has been traveling voraciously in the Sawtooth, White Cloud, and Boulder mountain backcountry since he moved to Idaho in 1973. Eighteen years ago, he landed his dream job as a backcountry ranger and is now the backcountry manager for the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Ed is an avid reader, photographer, skier, hiker, and mountain biker. The only thing he loves more than the backcountry is his wife, Teri. Ed and Teri live in Hailey.

Paulette Phlipot believes that we eat with our eyes. As a professional photographer with a passion for culinary arts, Paulette’s main focus is food and beverage photography. She moved to the Wood River Valley after receiving top national awards in Canada and graduating from the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, B.C. When she’s not capturing the flavors of the Western states she is home celebrating the great tastes and healthy lifestyle of this community.

Greg Stahl—It was during a dark night in a dreary autumn drizzle that Greg Stahl grabbed a beer and slipped onto his neighbor’s back porch. With the knowledge that no one really lived there, he uncovered the hot tub and had an evening soak. He was surrounded by huge, dark, empty condominiums, and he pondered how surreal it is to live among so many enormous homes that sit idle for most of the year. His investigation into local real estate and its effects on the community of the Wood River Valley.


Pam Morris

Jennifer Tuohy

Copy editor
Barbara Perkins

Michael Ames, Betsy Andrews,
Betty Bell, Dana DuGan,
Rebecca Meany, Sabina Dana Plasse
Timi Saviers, Terry Smith,
Greg Stahl & Megan Thomas.

Willy Cook, Paulette Phlipot,
Chris Pilaro, Rachael Anne Waring,
Kirsten Shultz & David N. Seelig

Art director
Evelyn Phillips

Production manager
Tony Barriatua

Business manager
Connie Johnson

Ad production & web site designer
Rich Trevellian & Crystal Ward

Graphic artists
Joscelyne Cameron, Erik Elison,
Colin McCauley & Gavin McNeil

Marketing/sales director
David Thouvenel

Advertising executives
Fabianna Ancajima, Randy Carroll,
Gayle Kerr, Rita Marie, James Mitchell,
William Pattnosh & Jerry Seiffert

Idaho Press Club Awards, 2005
1st place General Excellence
1st place Serious Feature, Gregory Foley
1st place Light Feature, Jennifer Tuohy
1st place Photography, Chris Pilaro

Idaho Press Club Awards, 2004
1st place General Excellence
1st place Light Feature, Dana DuGan

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