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The Sun Valley Guide magazine is distributed free three times a year to residents and guests throughout the Sun Valley, Idaho resort area communities.

Subscribers to the Idaho Mountain Express newspaper will receive the Sun Valley Guide with their subscription.

Marylou Simpson in 1950s Sun Valley
Photo by Penny Converse, photo colorized by Vickey Hanson - Mountain Dreamworks.


Seventy years of sun, snow and stories
by Betty Bell

As the resort celebrates its 70th birthday, Betty Bell cajoles some reflections from its oldest ďchildren.Ē

The essential White Clouds by Ed Cannady
Join Ed Cannady on a thrilling ski trek through the pristine beauty of Idahoís wild country.

Sun Valley Guides by Betsy Andrews
Continuing the series on real life and real views from the people who live here, meet the Sun Valley Guides.

50 years of family by Rebecca Meany
Through five decades and three generations, Atkinsonsí Market has outlasted competitors large and small to become Ketchumís sole surviving grocery store.

Real estate: Changing the landscape
by Greg Stahl

An examination of the state of the valleyís market.



A tandem telemark tryst
by Michael Ames
Discover true love on one pair of skis..

On the trail of the Vamps
by Megan Thomas
Mix one part woman and two parts skis, sprinkle liberally with costumes and sisterhood and voila, you have a VAMP

What's a Flying Squirrel go to do with it? by Greg Moore
Revealed: the definitive history of the names of Bald Mountainís ski runs.


Off the walls

Lost in a good history by Dana DuGan
The Gem State has a long and varied history; uncover it in an array of informative historical tomes.

A conversation with Van Gordon Sauter by Pat Murphy
The onetime TV titan dishes on Dan Rather, journalismís future and the state of the Wood River Valley.

Fiction: Silent Highway
In a new short story, Greg Stahl explores uncertain love in Idahoís mountains.


The art of bread
As it emerges, bruised and battered from nearly a decade of belittlement, the art of bread making is returning to the center of the nationís quest for nourishment. Michael Ames investigates the ongoing fight to bring honor back to an ancient food. Photos by Paulette Phlipot.

Chefís specialty
Chandlerís Hawaiian ahi tuna
Keith Otter, executive chef of Chandlerís, divulges the secrets behind the restaurantís signature dish. Words by Jennifer Tuohy. Photos by Paulette Phlipot.


Valley view
Snow box bonanza
Rotarunís Snow Box Derby attracts kids of all ages.

Valley interview
Meet Houdini, Ketchumís most famous python
A meal of cotton and cords turned a local snake into an international celebrity. Words by Terry Smith. Photo By David N. Seelig.


Winter 07
Whatís going on this fall in the Wood River Valley

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