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New Coffee Table Books from Stoecklein Publishing:

Idaho Discovered - photography by Kirk AndersonIdaho Discovered

photography by Kirk Anderson
text by Frank Rowland and Clarence Stilwill

240 pages, 225 photographs
9.5"x 12" portrait

Hardcover: $50.00
Leather bound edition (100 copies): $350.00

Within its borders, Idaho is a land of extremes. From desert moonscapes to towering peaks that spawn a thousand rivers; from urban centers to places scarcely trod by humankind. It's a young land, where antiques are only fifty years old. Its mountains are so young they periodically remind us of growing pains. Much of Idaho is best described as, "You can't get there from here." It is, by and large, still pure, still innocent, still wild—full of wonder and the unexpected.

Kirk Anderson's photography captures the light and color of Idaho's unique landscapes. He has ventured every corner of Idaho to discover this untamed state, and this collection equally represents every region. Anderson has been photographing Idaho since 1974, constantly observing the many moods of this dramatic land. His inspiration is found in the elements of nature, and his spectacular photography is the reward of his skill and patience while waiting for light, seasons, and weather to work their magic.


The California Cowboy - photography by David R. StoeckleinThe California Cowboy
in the Land of the Vaquero

photography by David R. Stoecklein
text by Henry M. Schacht & Shirl Woodson
illustrations by Ernest Morris

252 pages, 560 photographs
40 California Ranches and Events
11" x 12" landscape

Hardcover: $60.00
Special Signed Edition (500 copies): $75.00
Leather Bound Edition (100 copies): $350.00

California has it all: Mountains. Beaches. Spectacular land...golden grass, emerald hills, oak trees, Spanish moss, majestic mountains, gritty deserts. Believe it or not, there is still much more open space than there are cities or towns. Just on the outskirts of great cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Carmel, and Santa Barbara, an Eden of wildlife flourishes. Like state parks or refuges, the California ranches provide buffer zones between nature and the sprawling megalopolis. The cattlemen are still working today as their ancestors did, still struggling to keep their ranches intact—fighting heavy government regulations, taxes, poor cattle prices, a lack of or an overabundance of water, and pressure from developers.

Although ranching is still a big part of California business, it is changing, and changing quickly. I am thankful to have been able to preserve some snapshots of this proud time.

—David R. Stoecklein

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