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The Sun Valley Guide magazine is distributed free four times a year to residents and guests throughout the Sun Valley, Idaho resort area communities.

Subscribers to the Idaho Mountain Express newspaper will receive the Sun Valley Guide with their subscription.

Photo by David N. Seelig
The Sun Valley Guide editorial team: Art Production Manager Tony Barriatua, left, Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Tuohy and Senior Editor Michael Ames

From the Editor

 I was 7 years old in 1984, the year the Sun Valley Escort debuted. Twenty-five years on, the masthead from that first issue contains three names still intimately involved in today’s Sun Valley Guide: Publisher Pam Morris, Business Manager Connie Johnson, and former Art Director Evelyn Phillips.

This example of continuity illustrates one of the best things about life in the Wood River Valley. No matter how much the outside world changes, our little Idaho oasis remains constant. Sure, businesses and banks come and go, and people ebb and flow, but the core reasons for being here stay the same: sun, snow, serenity and community.

We love living here. To celebrate the Sun Valley Guide’s 25th anniversary, we reveal 25 reasons why that is true—why we love to live in Sun Valley.

As varied as our valley, these reasons span every facet of life here. From people-watching to moose-spotting, from politics to celebrities, from mayors to monkeys, our story captures the essence of life here.

Let this homage to our home bring a smile to your face as you reflect on your first Pioneer Cabin hike, salivate for a pile of Moose Chips and begrudgingly put on your brakes for that flock of sheep. Let it serve as a reminder of why we do whatever we can to live here, even now, when that goal can seem harder than ever to maintain. This reverent roll call of life in the Wood River Valley is a reaffirmation of why we should strive to keep this place as pristine and unique as it always has been and, we hope, will be happily ever after.

Jennifer Tuohy


Van Gordon Sauter was the least successful anchorman in the history of commercial broadcasting. His ratings for the early news in Chicago were so abysmal, the company sent him to France to run the CBS News Paris Bureau, a decidedly off-air position. He later became executive vice president of the CBS Broadcast Group. He lives in Gimlet.

Della Sentilles grew up in Texas and studied English at Yale University. After graduation, she spent six months traveling through Asia. She rode camels, slept in monasteries and hiked a few too many treks. In 2007, she came to Sun Valley for a respite with her family and never left. When not writing, Sentilles can be found running, hiking, cooking or watching the latest reality show. Born and raised in Texas (she is heading back for law school this fall) she will always think of Idaho as her home.

Kirsten Shultz is an international award-winning editorial and wedding photographer. She has spent the past 15 years in the valley, professionally photographing what she considers the best assignment of all—life! She has worked on five cookbooks and her images have appeared in American Theater, Food & Wine, Entertainment Weekly, People and The New York Times. She lives in Bellevue with her husband, daughter and dog and feels lucky to live in a valley where great food, arts and culture are as accessible as the great outdoors.

Jon Duval worked his way around the world while making the glorious ascent from investment banker to bike messenger. He finally arrived in Ketchum two years ago and now writes full time for the Idaho Mountain Express. When not feeding his addiction to planning and zoning meetings, Duval finds himself frequently humiliated on Wood River roads and trails, whether on his bike or skis.

Sun Valley Guide

Pam Morris

Jennifer Tuohy

Tony Barriatua

Michael Ames

Coly McCauley

Barbara Perkins

Karen Day, Dana DuGan, Jon Duval, Tony Evans, Gregory Foley, Matt Furber, Jason Kauffman, Greg Moore, Pat Murphy, Sabina Dana Plasse, Van Gordon Sauter, Della Sentilles

David N. Seelig

Willy Cook, Cody Doucette, Todd Kaplan, Elizabeth Kauffman, Thia Konig, Chris Pilaro, Paulette Phlipot, Kirsten Shultz, Bass Sears, David Stoecklein, Karl Weatherly, Craig Wolfrom

Connie Johnson

Ben Varner

Randy Carroll, William Pattnosh, Gayle Kerr, Irene Robinson, Alicia Falcocchio

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The Sun Valley Guide magazine is published quarterly by Express Publishing Inc., P.O. Box 1013, Ketchum, ID 83340. For advertising and content information or to request copies of the magazine, call (208) 726-8060 or e-mail editor@sunvalleyguide.com.
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