Hemingway in Sun Valley



Quotes on Hemingway

"As far as the relationship with Sun Valley, I would say it was not a relationship that was terribly profound for him (Ernest Hemingway) as an artist. If you examine his books, I think there is absolutely nothing about Sun Valley.

I think his relationship with Sun Valley was his relationship with his country. He didn’t live in the States for most of his life. Here was a place where he could get back in touch with his own countrymen. He had many good friends here. I think those friends stood him in very good stead in his last days."

On his first deer:
"Warm Springs Canyon had been closed to hunting for a number of years. That was the first year it was open. Taylor Williams put in for the drawing. I went up there by myself with a tent and all the paraphernalia. I woke up the next morning and there was the deer right outside the tent. That’s how I got it"

Patrick Hemingway
Hemingway’s son

"We walked across the Challenger Inn to their (Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn) table. I looked over at his breakfast. He had a plate of marinated herring and two steins of beer. I burst out laughing and said, "Mr. Hemingway, is that breakfast?" He said, "Yes, daughter. Have some. It’s good for the kidneys."

"Taylor Williams came to work in Sun Valley in 1937 (as hunting and fishing guide). He was an excellent dry fly fisherman. He always said that he was responsible for the renegade fly."

"The publicity department had made a deal with Ernest (Hemingway). They (Union Pacific Railroad) would give him lodging for his cooperation with the publicity department. That lasted for two years. The first publicity picture was him fishing on Big Wood River. Ernest got some good trout. It was the only time that he ever fished in Idaho.

"Taylor Williams (from Kentucky) was very famous for his mint juleps. He always had a mint bed some place. We never did find out exactly where it was. He said that the mint would be better if it was grown on the grave of a Confederate soldier."

"Barbara Stanwyck sat on Papa’s (Hemingway’s) left side and I was sitting at his right. And she didn’t have anything to say. Finally, Papa said, ‘Is that handsome husband of yours (Robert Stack) as good in bed as he is handsome?’ And she had to laugh. That broke the ice."

"One time the boys—Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Lloyd Arnold and Taylor Williams—went hunting. It was cold and Clark didn’t have any long johns. They stopped in Shoshone and got some long johns for Clark. He decided to put them on when he got in the car. He was in the process of pulling on his long johns. A school teacher came by and said, "Oh, Mr. Cooper, may I have your autograph?" He said, "No, I think you have the wrong feller, I think this feller back here could give you his autograph. He opened the door and she took off like a scalded dog."

Hemingway said of his first room at the lodge; suite 206:
"‘We should call this Glamour House.’" Sometimes he called it, the ‘Harry Morgan Room.’ Sometimes I called it, ‘The House of Vice and Dice!’"

"When Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway first met, Taylor Williams said it was like two schoolboys drawing a line in the dirt to see which one would cross it first. But they really enjoyed one another right from the start."

"Ernest (Hemingway) sometimes would ride with us. But he’d never let Lloyd (Arnold) take a picture of him. He looked like a sack on a horse."

Tillie Arnold
Wife of Lloyd Arnold, author of "High on the Wild With Hemingway" and Sun Valley Staff Photograph