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From the Editor

As we crafted the stories in this issue, building them around our editorial mission to celebrate sustainable lifestyles, a theme emerged: getting back to basics.
This idea of going backward to go forward, going back to the land to learn how to live in harmony with our planet in the future, pervades each piece. None more unexpectedly so than in My Sun Valley Dream Home.

The conventional idea of a Sun Valley dream home these are not. Firefighters, artists and architects built these homes, which anyone, on any budget, can be inspired by and learn from. Each owner stripped down and threw out that traditional idea, rebuilding it infused with personality, vision and a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

In Tapping In, we investigate the benefits of taking heat from the earth. Green Gables showcases a home orientated to harness the power of the sun. Both ideas first employed by cavemen. In Backyard Birds Take Flight, Karen Day waxes lyrical on the peculiar resurgence of raising chickens. These tried and true tricks of our forefathers that had seemingly been forgotten, return. Now with the added benefit of electricity, flat screen TVs and Eggloos.

The hot new word in environmental décor is upcycle, finding new uses for old things. Again, a return to something we should have always done. Before you scrap that car, pull its seatbelts and make a funky yet functional chair, or craft a piece of artwork from its license plates. Buff up that abandoned radiator and make it the centerpiece of your living room. Read about people who have done these things, and more, for the good of the planet and ourselves.

Jennifer Tuohy, Editor-in-Chief