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from the editor

Welcome to the first green issue of Habitat. Full of information and tips to help Wood River Valley residents lead greener lives, this issue explores how to limit our environmental impact here in our pristine mountain home.

The bad news? Living in this spectacular rural beauty may appear to be an eco-friendly option, but in reality our lives are not as green as we might imagine. While our community emits less pollution than a large city, most valley residents have a carbon footprint comparable to that of their metropolitan counterparts. Our isolation and the energy required to keep us connected is largely to blame. This illustrates the importance of the individual in the green movement. What each person does has an impact on the planet and by making changesóbe they large or smallówe can all make a difference.

The good news? It is much easier to understand and mitigate our impact on the environment today than it was even a year ago. Thanks to the good works of many valley-based businesses and activists, almost every aspect of life here now has a green alternative. All we need to do is make a choice. The stories in this magazine will help you make those choices: from how to garden green, decorate green and eat green to tips on partying green, traveling green and building green.

On a personal note, since I began researching this issue over a year ago, I have been inspired to make such choices in my own life. From changing small habits (taking reusable bags to the grocery store) to larger commitments (purchasing a fuel-efficient hybrid Toyota Prius), I have seen these choices have a positive impact on not only my health (and that of my soon-to-be-born child) but also on my bank account. For while there are still premiums on some green items, being green does not always cost more and in many cases can actually save you money. In fact, increasing consumer awareness coupled with escalating oil prices is quickly leading us to a state where choosing to live green will make not only environmental sense but economic sense as well.

We are all privileged to live in this beautiful white, green and golden valley, and it is my hope that after reading this magazine you will be similarly inspired to make eco-friendly choices in your own life and help protect this place for our future generations.

-Jennifer Tuohy

Pam Morris

Jennifer Tuohy

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